4 Reasons to Install a Voip Base Station at Your Office

Offices are moving out of cubicles, and the work never stops. There is an urgent need to bring coordination and streamlining in activities of the teams so that competition can be owned in all possible ways. A VoIP Base Station brings the required portability feature to complement the modern communications needs. This base station is studded with technologically advanced features that give you access to the human resource whenever required. Here is why you must install GrandstreamDect Phone that defines communication brilliantly.

  1. Connectivity 50 meters indoors and 300 meters outdoors

If you want to call the team members for an urgent meeting anytime, VoIP base station grants connectivity beyond the limit of normal phone sets. HD audio and Power over Ethernet features are guarantee to flawless connection that meets highest standards of audio quality in addition. So, leverage the power of connectivity to your best benefits with such advanced phone systems.

  1. Multiple lines supported

You can avoid duplication of resources, and thus, reduce cost considerably with this multi-utility communication solution. When more than 10 lines are possible to support using single system, it takes resource utilization to another level.

  1. Concurrent calls

The system is available to more than one call at a time. More than 3 calls can be completed at a moment, thus, user need not interrupt calls. 3-way call conference is enabled allowing better coordination in the office environment. Technologically advanced communication system like this is a must-have for companies that need secured ways of communicating.

  1. Safety of call and accounts

VoIP station base like Grandstream DP750 is empowered with end-to-end encryption that provides peace of mind while sharing important information. Thus, your information is safe and restricted to only those entities that deserve access to it.

Need any more reasons to switch to VoIP system? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg! There are various other features also present in these systems that make it desirable.

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