5 Reasons No Business Should Ignore Social Media


There are still plenty of businesses out there who are not utilising the fantastic potential of social media. Although this study posted on Social Times reported that almost 90% of companies were using social media in 2014, there are still some business owners who either don’t realise the potential, or perhaps think that they can’t afford to implement a social media strategy.

With that in mind, we spoke to Pilot Fish Media, a social media marketing agency based in Edinburgh, who explained their top 5 reasons why you can’t afford to ignore social media.

Reach new audiences

Not only can you directly engage with potential new customers, you can also build relationships with other businesses, and potentially reach their customers too.

On social media, you are where your customers are, and if you aren’t there seeking them out and engaging with them you could be losing out on potential customers to your competitors, simply because they weren’t aware your brand existed!

Bilding relationships with people in your industry is important too, as you can often find great support, new ideas, and even promote each other.

Maintain relationships with existing customers

Many businesses successfully use social media to improve customer service and nurture customer relationships.

It’s true what they say, people will talk about you whether you are there to hear it or not, and that could either be glowing recommendations, questions, or complaints. Most people these days will look up a company on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram before Googling them when doing research into them.

Having a presence means that you are able to respond, and if there are any complaints these can be dealt with and the customer can feel listened to. This post on the Buffer blog has some great examples of brands using social media to provide excellent customer service.

Increase traffic

You can really boost the number of people who read your content by sharing it on social media. By using sites like Facebook and Twitter to share links to content you have produced that is relevant and useful for your customers and potential customers you can reach audiences who may have otherwise never seen it.

This can be taken even further with targeted ads. By putting your content in front of an audience you have targeted based on their demographics and interests, they are much more likely to find it relevant or interesting.

Stay in people’s minds

By maintaining a presence in people’s feeds, you can keep yourself in people’s minds. They may not need your product or service at this very moment, but if they hear from you regularly you are more likely to be the company they go to when they eventually do as you will be the first people they think of!

Share your knowledge, let your followers know about important events, ask questions and engage, and your audience will remember you.

There’s a network for everyone

No matter what type of business you have, there is a social media channel that could help your business. Which network you should choose will depend largely on what your business offers, and who your target audience is.

For example, brands with visual content such as food or fashion could do really well on Instagram and Pinterest. B2B service providers and recruiters often thrive on LinkedIn, whereas someone with a lot of expertise to share might want to utilise YouTube.

Most companies could benefit from running a Twitter and/or Facebook page, and these platforms are a great place to start.

No matter what your business offers or what your niche is, there is a place for your business on social media. We hope this has given you some inspiration to take the plunge and unleash the potential!

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