5 things that make you look comical on Social Media

Social Media apps and websites have become an inseparable part of everyone’s life now! It helps us to stay connected with our loved ones, acquaintances, and strangers for that matter too. Apart from the knowledge that we gain from reading about stuffs happening across the world, we also learn about what’s happening in our followers’, connections’, and friends’ lives! Well, thanks to social media again for our phone call bills have come down too!

While we are in absolute awe of this disruptive innovation, there are times when we wonder what is wrong with some people on social media!

You might have come across several statuses and posts on the web that annoys you a li’l, or you’re baffled, or you find yourself laughing when you read them. Let us have a look at things that aren’t really meant for social media.

  •    When you wish your spouse ‘happy anniversary’ over the net!

Anniversaries are beautiful. They remind you of the day you promised your partner to stand by each other forever. While anniversaries are an intimate and a personal affair, sometimes you end up publicly wishing each other on social media by posting some romantic photo of you two from the past, along with some long quotes declaring your love for each other to the world. This kind of things sends out a message to others that you are trying to gain attention.

What you can do instead, is to upload photos showing you have partied to celebrate the occasion or upload a mischievous photo/status with a witty caption so that others can merely guess and comment to wish you two lovebirds! We recommend you two to avoid wishing each other on social media.

  •    When you write hate speeches online every other day

There are so many things happening across the world that annoy you on a daily basis. Whether it is some politician/celebrity’s insensitive comment or speech, or how your boss sucks the life out of you, we understand how things frustrate you to the core.

You want to let it out, and sometimes you end up ranting about what bothers you on social media pages every other day. This is not a wise thing to do. It may give your followers the impression that you’re irritable, impatient and everything negative. You do not want that, do you? You can instead write about things in a more positive, or humorous or sarcastic way so that you can take a dig at others while your viewers could enjoy reading them too.

  •    When you post about your expensive purchases regularly

You may be filthy rich, and you may have a lot of money to splurge on buying new items almost every other day. However, that does not mean you have to upload about them on social media networks every day. It will probably give others an impression that you’re snobbish and trying to grab attention. The plan may merely backfire, and most people may start back chatting about the activity of yours.

Refrain from posting everything. You can post about an antique or unique purchase occasionally for sure! Your viewers will love them.

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  •    When you have the habit of uploading regular check-ins!

Okay, this can be irritating to most viewers. Not everyone wants to know where you go to have your breakfast, what time you’re hitting the gym, which movie you’re watching in which theatre when you’re in college and so on.

Check-ins should be strictly confined to let’s say when you’re attending some one-of-a-kind event, or you’re travelling to some beautiful place to relax yourself, or some location that people would genuinely be pleased to know that you are there.

  •    When you put up pictures of every dish that you have every day!

You may be a major foodie, but unless you’re a professional blogger, not all your followers would be interested to see what fancy item you’re eating in the morning, or what street food you’re consuming in the evening!

Posting pictures of a delicious-looking food item, or your favourite basic food item once in a while, or on special occasions like a birthday is still okay, but posting meals daily? A big NO! Post about people instead!

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