All about Recovering Files from SD Card

Try doing a self-realization and think how much of your Personal photographs, Personal files-be it that of your friends or family, your gaming data, etc. are stored on your SD card. And one unfortunate day, you would shout out coming, “No Way! Please save me. I never knew that my SD card containing all my personal data and other information could go corrupt anytime.” Precisely, the case it is. But you do not have to worry as the following article will deal all about recover files from SD card.

Think On These before You Start

While SD cards are a great piece of invention, they are prone to frequent damage because of its fragility. But being optimistic is really sure that your SD card is at fault. Sometimes, it is the card reader which might be at fault. Try using a different card reader to double check if your SD card is really damaged.

Also if the write-protect switch is on, it creates a perception that the SD card had gone corrupt. Hence be sure that such basic mistakes are addressed before proceeding further.

Manual Recovery

Use “chkdsk” command from your Windows computer to recover your damaged SD card. This is the simplest form of recovery and does not always guarantee success.

File Recovery Software Method

There is a range of free recovery software tools that claim to recover damaged files from your SD card. While most of the free software is good, some may annoy to the core by installing additional programs with it. Software like Disk Dagger, EaseUS free data recovery, ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery) are some of the examples of data recovery software.

While there are several types of algorithm for data recovery, most of the free recovery software is limited to a simple algorithm, thereby restricting their functionality to the limited recovery of data. The higher paid versions of recovery software are equipped with a higher level of algorithm enabling faster and reliable data recovery. But unless the data to be recovered is really important, it is economical to stick to the free versions.

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