Choosing a Service for Optical Measurement 

There are many important factors for choosing a service for optical measurement. Doing so ensures you select the right solution for your needs while possibly building a long-term relationship that will benefit your business for years. 

While there are many reliable service providers for optical measurements, there are also less qualified businesses that can’t guarantee the upmost speed and accuracy of their measurements. So, it’s important to consider various factors to ensure that you find the best optical measurement service:

Technical Capabilities 

There are wide range of optical measuring technology available, so you want to clarify whether a service provider has the technical capabilities to meet your specific measurement requirements. 

For example, if you require digitized data then you’ll need to ensure the provider as suitable 3D scanning services alongside their other optical measurement technology. 

Furthermore, you want to identify if the service provider can understand your different requirements, including accuracy, sizing, and speed. Is there a diverse range of measurement equipment that can cater to the different optical measurement needs you have?

Be sure to identify what you need from the company and then enquire whether their services can meet these requirements. 

Equipment and Software 

As mentioned, optical measuring equipment is diverse, so you need to ensure that the service provider has suitable equipment that can provide the necessary measurements within your required time frame. 

Do they use 3D scanners, white-light sensors, and multi-sensors? Does their equipment offer the most accurate measurements currently available? What is the speed and efficiency of their equipment? 

Similarly, software should be considered when choosing a service. You want to determine how modern the software is and whether it’s compatible with your own systems, so always inquire about the software solutions available and how they are used in conjunction with the measuring equipment. 


Time is money in the various sectors where optical measurement is applied, whether needed for design, manufacturing, inspection, reverse engineering or all the above. Therefore, you need to determine the turnaround for the service and how reliable this is. 

For example, is their technology and software capable of providing the most accurate measurement data as quickly as possible? What occurs if there is a delay on a certain measurement process that can shut down your own operations? 

You want to determine just how reliable they are with meeting deadlines, so its important to gather information on their capabilities, hardware and software, as you can use this to gauge how reliable their estimations are.

Also, ask for references from previous clients who can give a better idea of whether their turnaround for projects are met and how accurate measurements are. 

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