Four Reasons You Should Choose a Dedicated Server

There is no shortage of infrastructure hosting options to choose from. From shared hosting to dedicated servers, VPS and cloud servers, all these platforms provide a business with the necessary infrastructure to store data. Each one of them also has strengths and weaknesses. When choosing from one of these hosting solutions, most people are tempted to go with the cheapest or sometimes the most popular solution.

But the cheapest or the most popular may not be ideal for you and your business. Off all these hosting solutions, dedicated servers get the least amount of attention. One of the reasons is because they are considered above the reach of most Startups. But if you value your business’s data assets the cost of setting up and managing a dedicated server should not stop you from reaping its benefits. The following are just some of the four reasons you should choose a dedicated server over other solutions;

  1. Superior Performance

Nothing can compare to the superior performance of a dedicated server. They are ideal for reading and writing heavy applications including those that depend on quick data processing and databases. So, if your business needs superior performance in data processing a dedicated server is the only way to go.

  1. Great Performance/ Cost Ratio

Dedicated severs offer the best price to performance ratio for long-term workloads than any other hosting solution. It is not uncommon to find many businesses moving to dedicated servers after their VPS solution fail to justify the additional cost of scaling up.

  1. Data Security

On most other hosting platforms like cloud or VPS, the implementation details are often hidden beneath hundreds of layers of technology that you just can’t control. Under these circumstances data security can be quite impossible to manage. You don’t know how the hardware or software is being used and therefore cannot be totally assured that the data on those servers will remain safe. Even when the hosting provider promises regular backups, you are not in a position to tell if this policy is carried out as often as they say.

  1. More Control

When a cloud hosting service suffers a major outage or a VPS hosting provider suffers server damage, there is very little the companies that use these services can do about it. All you can do is simply make a lot of phone calls and apologize to your customers and staff for the interruption. Dedicated servers on the other hand give you all the control you need. If there is a problem with the dedicated servers, it is almost immediately noticed by technicians who will get right to the task of fixing the problem. And since that is their main job, the problem will likely not last too long.

Based on the cost of setting up and managing a dedicated server, they may not be the ideal solution for most. But the advantages can be worth it especially if your company deals in sensitive data that needs to remain protected.

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