Get Smart Input Apps for Your Smart Devices

Input methods are available in various forms for different devices with specific features. Given the number of options available in the market, it could be difficult to find the best ones available in the market.

Off late, Touchpal is dominating the market as far as input devices are concerned. Touchpal is designed and developed by Cootek. Essentially, the layout greatly resembles the QWERTY keyboard style. Let’s look at the key aspects of this popular input system that is designed for Android and other operating systems like Windows.

Key aspects:

Innovative features: Predictive text input is its most admired feature however the sliding feature can be attractive to some users too. That is not all it also comes with an array of emojis too and includes the popular phrases in the input system. Both from the cosmetic and functional front, this input method proves to be the most user-friendly input app.

In addition, users can take advantage of various themes and plugins to personalize the look. Essentially, those are its cosmetic features.

Language availability: Touchpal is available in more than 150 languages and also has a substantial global presence too, in fact it available in more than 200 countries.

Clientele: More than 40 OEMs use Touchpal as their default input app. In addition, 20 % of androids come with preinstalled Touchpal. At present more than 40 millions of shipments are taking place that includes the keyboards too.

Awards and recognitions: Touchpal won the mobile innovation award in 2009 at the GSMA Mobile Award for creating the relevant modern mobile application. Since then Cootek has grown by leap and bound. In fact, it is considered to be the most groundbreaking innovation in the mobile technology sector. So, if you’re looking for an input app, then you must consider downloading Touchpal from the Google play store. However, you need to know the features that you should look for.

A quick look at the features:

  • How many themes and emojis does it offer? Would they be relevant to you?
  • Does it have the text to GIF conversion features?
  • Is it downloadable for free?
  • Is it produced by a reputed producer?

It is important to understand that you must find an input app that is compatible with your mobile ecosystem. That means if you are an android users, then you should consider Touchpal. Note it is important to stay relevant in this highly communicative world because the digital platform is highly agile and fragmented. For instance, if you use Touchpal, then you are more likely to communicate appropriately by using the predictive text feature and relevant suggestions.

You can also be more expressive with emojis and other features that can enable you to communicate rightly thus improving your sociability.

It is time to adapt to smart technology and Touchpal is the most common smart input app that you must use in order to communicate effectively. So, make sure that you visit Google playstore today and download one latest app.

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