How Cards Furnish a Different Look with Diverse Types of Printing Mechanisms

There are many types of cards we are familiar with in our everyday life like business cards, invitation cards, greeting cards, playing cards, etc. They are of the different types of designs and also made of different types of papers. These cards can be shining, matt, smooth, rusty, etc., depending on the paper, ink and printing technique. There are different types of printing techniques like laser cut printing, digital printing, letterpress printing, engraving, etc. On the basis of the selected paper, ink, and budget, we could come up with a suitable printing technique.

Different Types of Printing Techniques

When it comes to printing, there are many confusing options available in the market. To choose the best and economic one, we should know about the how much different these printing techniques are from one another. You could always explore on the following options:

  1. Laser Cut printing: Also known as die printing; laser printing doesn’t use any type of ink for printing. It cuts away the paper in order to make design and the words. It is an impressive way of printing. It is the hardest type of printing to estimate the print time and cost because they depend on the design of the card.
  2. Digital printing: It is also known flat printing. Digital printing is the most common, most profitable, fastest, and simplest printing method. It uses the combination of inks and toner for laying down smooth, rich colour on a verity of papers.Digital Printing
  3. Spot UV printing: This printing is used to provide a glossy look to the card instead of an ordinary rough looking card. It is also known as Varnish printing in which UV spot is used for making selected parts glossy.
  4. Engraving: In this type of printing, a heavy metal plate is created by the printer. This plate is inked and pressed onto the paper. A tissue is always given with such type of cards to keep the ink from smearing. It is the oldest way of printing and rarely available these days.
  5. Foil stamping: Foil stamping is very similar to engraving in which a metal plate is used to press the foil onto the paper with an adhesive agent like glue. It can be combined with Digitrükk to save the cost. One colour can be foil stamped whereas rest can be printed.

There are many other types of techniques like letterpress, spot colour, thermography, embossing, etc. We can choose the printing technique on the basis of our card type, cost, time, and paper we are using. Digital printing is fastest whereas laser cut is most impressive.

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