How to Become an Awesome Screen Sharing User

A video conference blended with screen sharing makes you a one-man army in terms of clarity and precision. You start spending less time explaining things, but seem clearer to the listeners. Hence, accomplishing conference goals becomes easy, no matter what purpose you have in mind. However, it all comes down to your ability to leverage the technology in the correct way.

Here is how you can become an awesome screen sharing user and make your conferences a success.

Step 1 – Find a reliable screen sharing

The power of technology is the most important factor in video conferencing. Your first responsibility is to find reliable software for the process. There is no need to pay high prices for the technology. Various platforms are offering free screen sharing nowadays to help out business communication. All you need to do is conduct a little research and locate a reliable provider.

Step 2 – Design a strategic plan for conferences

Your systematic approach to the conference gives out a professional appeal to clients and colleagues. Hence, before everything else, take out some time to plan your steps. Ensure the availability of correct documents, check slides and other aspects of your conference in advance. This way, you will come across as a well-prepared user of this technology.

Step 3 – Turn off your notifications

Next important step is to temporarily avoid getting notifications. Usually, professionals keep on getting emails, pop-ups, schedule and other notifications. These things are nothing but interruptions during your conference as you are sharing your screen with other professionals. A smart move would be to turn off these notifications for a while and complete your conference in peace.

Step 4 – Have an assistant if possible

During a session of video conference, you need to focus on engaging attendees. Hence, you can’t waste your time making notes or manage your software.

Whenever using virtual classroom software, make sure that you have an assistant. This way, you can train your students while your assistant can make notes and help with technical issues if occurred.

Follow these four steps to becoming an awesome screen sharing user.

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