How to Take the Maximum Party to A Professional Videoconference Service

In recent years the professional videoconference sector has experienced a real revolution and is now becoming an essential and strategic communication tool for all types of companies and organizations. In many cases, videoconferencing is seen simply as a tool for remote meetings or to reduce travel expenses, but its uses and benefits go much further. In this sense we ask, How to get the most out of it?

  1. The Videoconference Must Be Open to the Whole Organization

Many companies restrict their use to managers and executives, without assessing the potential that would have all employees have access to it. Not only would there be a much faster return on investment, but it would also improve the work and communication with colleagues who are in other places, avoiding traveling (with savings in time and costs) and boosting teamwork. In addition, videoconferencing allows employees to manage their time much more effectively, to be more productive, and as a result, to better reconcile work and personal life by facilitating telework.

  1. Videoconferencing as a Key Tool for the Mobility and Flexibility of the Company

Mobility is becoming, more and more, a priority for companies. According to an Accenture study, 77% of participants stated that mobility is one of the five priority and strategic factors for their companies. And it is that workers increasingly demand more solutions related to teleworking, mobility and labor flexibility that provides them with a better quality of life. Thus, with professional multi-device free videoconferencing tools, the workers of a company can attend meetings from anywhere and through any device with Internet access, thus eliminating the barriers of distance and even using their personal computers.

  1. The Videoconference beyond the Meeting Rooms

Video conferencing not only serves business meetings but goes much further. For example, it allows online training without the workers having to move and with much more frequency and flexibility. In addition, e-learning enables companies to optimize training costs, increase the immediacy of course access, customize content and train more people who are displaced.

  1. Improve External Communication and Customer Contact

Videoconferencing can be an external communication tool and can be used with customers, partners or suppliers. In this way, travel decreases and allows the employee to be where the client is without moving from the office, enhancing face-to-face communication, getting much closer and increasing the speed in decision making, favoring empathy and streamlining the Resolution of commercial actions or incidents.

  1. The Selection of a Videoconference Service is Strategic for a Company

The selection of the videoconference service that responds to the specific needs of each company is a strategic factor to guarantee the success with the employees. It is vital that the service is designed for professional use because, unlike home video conferencing services, professional solutions offer the level of quality, performance and after-sales service that a company and its employees need. In this sense, ezTalks Cloud Meeting, the multi-participant professional videoconferencing service, offers HD quality, advanced functionalities and a personalized and proximity user service that provides the company and its employees with the necessary training and technical assistance to That the use and implementation of the service is a success.

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