How Vital Is A Company Logo For Your Business?

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The logo design of each company is what establishes its identity. It reflects the personality of the owner or the company as a whole. The values and the principles of the organization shine through as well. It is also a useful marketing tool. For most people the logos let you connect immediately to the business itself.  Examples of instant association are Nike’s “swoosh” symbol and Starbuck’s twin-tailed mermaid with the green background. 90% of you reading this would know this logos from this company mentioned.

Logos Are The Face Of Your Company

An organization’s or business will have to decide as to what their logo will be. Logos are intended to become the face of your company; they come as graphical displays that provide essential information through its colors, images, and fonts. The graphics for each logo allows a customer to relate to the company’s core brand. Which is why most organizations do not hesitate to spend money on getting the right logo. So getting the right company to build this for you is essential. A company that has reached this experience is nyc seo consulting.

Famous Logos And Their Special Hidden Meanings

  1. FedEx – The FedEx logo has 40 awards under its belt, Now that space between the “E” and the “X” you would see an arrow which points from left to right. This relays the company’s vision which is “direction, speed, and precision.”
  2. Amazon – That arrow underneath that we see represents a smile, as the company wants their customers to be happy while shopping with them. Also, it does emphasize being able to deliver anything from A to Z hence the reason it points to letters A and Z.
  3. Continental – The letters “C” and “O” actually forms a tire- of which is the product of the company.
  4. Cisco – Unknowingly those bars are not really digital signals. Those dash lines represent San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. It symbolizes that moment of inspiration when the founders drove down into the city to have the company registered.
  5. Toblerone – First glance you would see the company’s logo showing the summit of Matterhorn showcasing the company’s Swiss heritage. A closer look reveals a bear hiding on the mountainside.

What Makes A Good Logo?

Your logo is one powerful marketing tool it is what associates the customer in remembering or identifying your product or business. A poorly created logo can quickly cast a negative image on a company. On the other hand, a precise and well thought designed logo can easily get you the favor of the buying public.

Your logo commands consumer loyalty. Brand loyalty is what can keep a company afloat and continuously be earning those greens.

Your logo is your number one marketing tool. It can command a status symbol, banking on the image means you can set your products and services higher because the consumer associates your business of being top quality.

Your logo affirms ownership. Your logo is your signature. It confirms ownership and keeps you guarded against imitations and forgeries. So as business owners it is needed that one should invest the time in creating that great logo for your company. One should also consider the company they acquire this kind of service from, and that is where nyc seo consulting comes in to help you achieve that one amazing brand.

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