Importance of Visitor Management Systems

For a company or institution that have a large flow of visitors, employing capable front desk personnel could be a step in the right way, however, can the flow of these visitors be maintained by just the receptionist??  For this reason, companies now opt for a visitor management system that aids the receptionist making it possible for people to sign in themselves while the receptionist handles more important tasks and only give assistance when it’s important for staff attention.

Benefits of this System

For the visitors this system allows them to

  • Identify themselves on arrival (a live recording of the visit or access to the visit recorded via QR Code)
  • Consult the safety instructions
  • Take pictures to personalize your badge
  • Sign the register of visits
  • And at the end of the visit, a simple signature on the touch screen of the terminal allows the visitor to close his visit.

Furthermore, for of the host this system also allows:

Control Access Rights of Visitors

A visitor has specific access rights to certain areas and not to others. The security of access to your buildings is thus preserved. This is very important because there should be clear restrictions for visitors except for high profile visitors who can get higher clearance to access more areas in the establishment.

Know the People Present in the Buildings

In case of a fire evacuation, you know exactly who is present in your establishment including visitors. This is a very important security measure because if everybody present in an establishment cannot be identified in a situation like fire outbreak, it could lead to the unnecessary loss of lives.

Draw the Passages Within the Organization

In case of problems, you have areas of the passage of your visitors within a building. You can also graphically display the visitor’s visits and print visitor cards with the history of visits. For each visitor, you can complete a customizable information sheet.

Schedule Visits

Your employees can plan their visits and thus facilitate the reception of visitors:

  • Pre-registration of visits by persons entitled to receive visitors.
  • Visualization of planned visits according to their type (current, future, not done, completed).
  • Editing a business card with the possibility of signing.

Identify Visitors

Visitors have a personalized badge that allows them to be easily distinguished from the staff members. You can pre-register multiple badge templates and automatically start group or unit prints.

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