Is Contentmart Reliable for Writers

Fear of not being paid is the constant companion of the freelancers. Frequently they don’t get paid for the projects they work on. Due to this reason, people think twice before getting Freelance Writing Jobs online. When you are working for a client online, you have only an email address. If the person disappears the very next day after you submit your project, you will not be able to retrieve the money. This has been the scene until now. However, with Contentmart the fear of not being paid has diminished a lot. This is the platform where you can place your bid. This is also the platform which gives you an opportunity of earning money. If you are ambitious and you have writing skill, this is the platform for you. Here you can find various types of projects, from technical to healthcare; everything is available for the writers who want to earn money writing.

The best thing about Contentmart is you get to test your ability of writing to its fullest. If SEO content is not your forte, you can easily bid for the copy writing projects that get uploaded every day. It easy to Get Content Online, however, getting authentic project owner is not easy. Through this online platform, you get online writing jobs.


To get work, you need to build a strong portfolio. Clients believe in portfolios. Therefore, if you want to land a freelance writing job with Contentmart you need to showcase your talent.

The more you write, the better honed your skill gets. For this reason, Contentmart has become a valued portal which offers different type of contents on different topics. Moreover, this portal makes sure that its clients are satisfied. They make sure that the writers who are bidding from the portal get paid. For this reason, the money writers earn gets deposited in their account. Once the amount reaches Rs 3000, you become eligible to withdraw the amount.

You can apply to transfer the money on each Friday. Contentmart make the transfer the next Friday after you have sent your application. Now, you have the liberty to withdraw the total amount that you have earned. Or, you can save some of the amount for the next transaction.

Contentmart offers free registration for the writers. You can make an ID and bid for as long as you want. You will not have to pay anything to bid or create an account.


If you have the talent and the skill to write quality content, you can sit for the Contentmart’s writing test. This is a strict test which is created to see whether a writer has the ability to write for the clients. Like registration and bidding, this test too is free. Therefore, you can go about it as many times as you want or can.

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