Learn About Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software and Technology

For digitizing a printed contract or magazine article, an individual has to spend good amount of time in re-typing and correcting misprints. You could transform all the needed material into digital format using a scanner and OCR (optical character recognition) software.

What is meant by OCR?

Optical Character Recognition is a technology that helps one to transform different kinds of documents, such as PDF files, scanned paper-based documents, or images clicked by a digital camera into searchable and editable data.

The need for OCR software

You would need to edit any paper-based document such as a magazine article, PDF contract or brochure. Scanner is not enough to make a paper document editable. An ordinary scanner can just create an image of the document that comprises of colored, or black and white dots.

The image provided by a scanner is called a raster image. To extract and reuse data inside scanned documents, image-only PDFs and camera images, you would require an OCR software. This software enables one to access as well as edit the original document. Tab scanner is a popular software provider company that offers state of the art technology that is designed for efficient receipt recognition and data extraction.

On what principle does OCR function?

The accurate mechanisms that enable humans to identify objects still need to be understood. There are three fundamental principles that form the basis of replication of natural or human like identification. These principles are purposefulness, integrity, and adaptability.

Receipt OCR technology first recognizes text. Based on this identification, the program examines the structure of image. It then bifurcates the page into different elements such as texts, images, tables, etc. Lines are first divided into words. These words are then divided into characters.

After formation of characters, this program does a comparison with pattern images. Based on this hypothesis, the program examines different variants of division of lines into words and finally into characters. After processing hypotheses, this program arrives at a decision, and presents the recognized text. OCR also offer dictionary support for forty-eight languages. This allows secondary examination of the text on word level. It helps in simplifying and verifying recognition results.

Benefit of OCR technology scanner

With OCR scanner, it becomes quite easy and precise to recognize digital camera images. Images that are clicked by using a digital camera differ from image-only PDFs or scanned documents. These images had defects such as edge distortion and dimmed light that makes it tough for most of the OCR applications, to accurately identify the text.

What is the right way to use OCR Software?

OCR software is easy to use. It comprises of 3 stages, opening, recognizing and saving the document. Document can be saved in any format such as RTF, DOC, PDF, XLS, HTML, or TXT. With this software, one can easily export data to one of MS Office applications such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat or Excel.


One doesn’t need to be a specialist of OCR technology to see the benefits of an OCR application. Based on IPA principles, this scanner bestows the program with enhanced flexibility and intelligence. It brings it as near as possible to human acknowledgment.

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This Guest Post has been written by Mark Farley. Tab scanner is a reputed IT provider company that offer different types of digital devices. Our receipt OCR technology offers a wide range of features that enhance the quality of images and allows one to fully use the capabilities of the digital devices. This software works seamlessly with varying platforms to ensure smooth integration with all types of applications.

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