Movavi Photo Editor 4.2 Review

Movavi Photo Editor 4.2 is a full function photo editor suitable for use in performing simple photo editing tasks. It meets all your basic photo editing needs by offering all the standard tools. It doesn’t contain the extra tools as in other advanced photo editor where most users likely don’t know about them. Only the most important photo editing features are included in Movavi Photo Editor program. The first tab that you see in the photo editor is the Adjust tab which allows you to enhance the photo by adjusting the different aspects that influence the overall color tones including brightness, contrast,

The cropping tool is the easiest tool to use in editing the photo. When you crop, you are cutting the photo to a smaller size. Cropping the main subject in the picture can make it look more focused and up close.  After selecting the Crop tab, you will see a rectangle crop frame on the photo which you are supposed to adjust to cover the area that you want to cut. Users have the option of entering a custom width and height for the crop frame or select from one of the 6 cropping presets.

There is a text tool that you can use to add a few lines of text to convey your message on the photo. The text tool can also be used to add a text watermark on the photo. The rotate tool gives you the capability to flip a photo both horizontally and vertically as well as performing 360 degree rotation on the photo. The resize tool can be accessed through the More drop down menu. With the resize tool, you can reduce or enlarge the photo size by percentage or stating the custom width and height in pixels.

The object removal tool is perfect for deleting any unwanted object that is spotted in the photo. It involves using a red brush tool to mark the silhouette of the unwanted object and clicking on the Start Erasing button to delete it. The brush size can be adjusted to a bigger size if the unwanted object is large in size. Clicking on the Before/After button will show the before and after version. This allows you to compare the before photo which is the original photo and the after photo where the unwanted objects have been removed.

The background removal tool can be used to erase the original background that is ugly so that it is possible for you to add a new background that is more interesting. The background removal tool requires you to mark both the subject and unwanted objects. If you make a mistake marking the wrong objects, you can press the Reset Selection button to clear away all the markings. The background will be erased when you click on the step 2 tab. You can then decide if you want to save it as a transparent image or add a new background to the picture or choose a solid color to fill the background.

The main benefit of Movavi Photo Editor is that it has a well organized interface. The buttons are prominently positioned on the top bar to provide optimal experience for users. Photo editing is made easy with Movavi Photo Editor because you are only required to follow a simple procedure for example dragging slider. It doesn’t require the users to use his memory to memorize the difficult procedure as in advanced photo editor.

The downloadable photo editor is compatible with all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10. It is available to download for free from the Movavi site. The free version is a trial version with no limit on its functionality but the trial version will expire in 1 week. Movavi Photo Editor is constantly updated to bring improvement to the software. It is available in 10 interface languages which is helpful for users whose native language is not English.

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