Movavi Video Editor is your best partner to combine videos for a full movie

Are you planning to create a cute movie by joining several videos together? It could be that you have taken multiple videos of your last party. Now, you want to combine all the captures together for a nice memorable movie for your entire gang. That’s cool and Movavi Video Editor is here to help you. Developed by world renowned software developer, the Movavi software is  superior video combiner and will help you to edit your videos just like a pro. It’s extremely user friendly and can be used by anybody with basic computing know-how.

Here is a brief on how you can join videos with Movavi Video Editor –

Download & install

The first step is to download & install the Movavi Video Editor in your system.

Add video

Then, select Create project in full feature mode. Now, click on Add Media Files to choose all videos files which you are planning to combine together.

Add transitions

When you combine different videos together, you will need to add transitions to smoothen the joins. Movavi Video Editor allows you to add transitions easily through its Transitions button. Click on it & choose your desired transition. As you click on Transition Wizard tab, a window will come up. It will allow you to add transitions randomly to all the clips. Otherwise, you can select a specific transition style for the clips.

Save the video

Now, just select destination folder from Save to & click on Start button. Your video will be saved automatically to the selected folder.

Features of Movavi Video Editor

Variety of editing functions

Movavi Video Editor is your absolute tool to merge videos, cut videos, rotate videos, add transitions and add special effects. There is a wide range of special effects to choose from. You will also get tools to improve the overall video quality.

Add music

Movavi Video Editor enables users to add audio and background music to make things more interesting.

Supports various formats

Besides, Movavi Video Editor supports all the popular video formats and enables you to convert  your video in any format.

Useful tips for users

  • If you want to change the order of your videos (after you bring them to program window) do that by dragging the video segments on the main working window.
  • You can convert the format of the video from the Export button on the Movavi program window.
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