Multitasking In Style

Working at a computer inevitably brings to mind the image of somebody seated at a desk outfitted with a keyboard and color monitor.  However, some employers have become more concerned about the physical well-being and posture of their personnel.  As a result we have seen a number of employers (as well as schools and computer labs) adopt a new policy of encouraging the performance of computer tasks while standing.  Indeed, some employers have even encouraged computer workstations that are not equipped with the customary office chair, but are instead are for the person to work while standing facing the monitor at eye level.  This is felt to be healthier than working while seated bending over a desk, a position that may hasten conditions that have long-term negative effects upon posture and health.

Working while standing at your workstation requires that you wear the most comfortable footwear, so that you can work for long periods of time with a minimum of stress.  Wearing some sandals by Chaco can accomplish this, while at the same time assuring that your feet have the stylish yet casual look that your friends and co-workers will admire.  Using one of the Groupons currently being offered can make your acquisition of a really stylish pair of Chaco sandals a buyer’s dream since they currently are offering up to 30% off of the price of selected sandals and free shipping when ordered online.  And Chaco offers a wide variety of styles, colors and pattern that make sandals unique to the particular wearer.

So when standing at your workstation, or even when just out strolling through the local park or shopping center see how great your feet will feel and look when you have on your new Chao sandals that you obtained while at that workstation with the Groupon you got during your coffee break!  It will certainly be a pleasant case of multitasking for your own personal benefit.  And you can design your own sandals for the coming spring and summer months.  So take advantage of the Chaco’s Groupon today.  You can have them ready in time for your next holiday trip or for Spring Break.

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