Solution For Your Image Downloading: How You Can Download Extreme Picture Finder

Getting some software which can get your pictures downloaded very easily and efficiently is what everybody seeks. While surfing, you come across various image host websites, some are even locked or disturbed by numerous pop-ups which makes your downloading nearly impossible. How great it will be if automatically images can be downloaded from various websites by a single platform. The Imgur website has a software which can not only download your complete Imguralbum from your collection at once but serves numerous features like downloading from popular image host or any source directly, having inbuilt photo viewer and finder and database of numerous such websites. You can also download videos and music files from various source, this software is popular as Extreme picture finder.

How you can download it?

To download it, you need to visit and enjoy the features. It is very easy to download but there are some points you need to know for downloading images. After installation, you can create new templates where you are supposed to fill the link of the concerned website from where you want to download images.  This makes things very easier for you as all the images will be collected and can be downloaded from one place. The picture finder feature of it gives you the option to search for images from the software itself without going to any search engine or photo –sharing websites.


There are various types of templates for different kinds of picture collection. Especially, from the Imgur website, you can directly download an album or collection for easy and automatic download. The templates serving various platforms are supposed to be first downloaded for better use of the software as some websites are advance and need different templates to work on. Also, download Imgur website template and save it in the template gallery to download Imagur albums easy and fast. Create a new project to get collection of images at once or you can also look to those pre-existing project options created by users containing collection and save that for easy downloading of inclusive images in there. The same template saving procedure goes for other websites also with specific templates for them.

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