The Relevance of Internet Messengers in The Modern Day of Video Conferencing

Regardless of the field of activity, the situations in which the collective is dispersed in several corners of the country or even the world are becoming more and more frequent. So the best solution for internal communication remains the organization of videoconferencing.

But in what context should we use this means of communication and in what circumstances is it inappropriate? Query with a rather variable response, depending on the topic and importance of the meeting. However, we tried to make a list of the most common situations in which we recommend using the videoconference and some situations that we should avoid.

When can we organize videoconferencing?

There are situations that are serious enough to require a discussion with the CEO, but not serious enough for him to go for it. In these cases, videoconferencing is the ideal tool for solving problems or making decisions. To know more about eztalks video conferencing seek help online.

Department meetings or project teams

It is recommended to call for videoconferencing if you are part of an organization with geographically dispersed staff or where work related trips are on the agenda. There are many situations where someone can not physically participate in a meeting (he is going to a conference, meets with a client in another location, etc.), but that does not mean we have to postpone meetings or department updates or project. Thus, videoconferencing helps us to keep abreast of everything that’s going on, so that we can react and plan efficiently future activities.

Live streaming events

Depending on the characteristics of your target audience, it is sometimes even advisable to broadcast live an event organized by you. Whether it’s a conference, training or a sales presentation, there are plenty of reasons for sending live the event informing your organization’s internal audience, encouraging event virality, displaying transparency and openness to employees, promoting corporate values and so on?


Last but not least, you can also organize a video conference for hiring interviews. They can be individual or even group interviews, if such a formula is more effective for evaluating candidates. This will save you time and get a full picture of your candidates and skills.

When video conferencing is not recommended?

It is not advisable to use this means of communication in case of sales meetings as it may affect the relationship with the client you want to convince to work with you. Why? You may think that you do not give him enough importance to his or her business unless you can make time to present yourself in the meeting. Once you’ve negotiated and established the terms of collaboration, of course you can talk through videoconferencing. But for first contacts, face to face meetings give you much more valuable feedback and give you the chance to react as you like.

Delicate discussions

There are some topics that are not recommended to address in videoconferencing. A dismissal, a resignation, or the communication of a spontaneous delicate situation is all discussions that, as far as possible, should be worn personally.

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