The Ultimate Guide to SecDevOps

If you’re invested in the world of computer science, then you may have heard of SecDevOps before. If not, then no worries because we’re here to explain. Below, you can read about SecDevOps


Before we begin with SecDevOps, we should get into DevOps. This word is a combination of Developers and Operations. This collaboration between developers and operations offers various benefits otherwise notachievable.

Most importantly, DevOps ensures that there is heightened communication and shared responsibilities amongst the teams. This allows everyone to getsome downtime. Many businesses are beginning to invest time and money into DevOps. 1500 companies were surveyed, and of them, nearly ninety use DevOps.

So, what’s missing?

Without a doubt, DevOps are animportantadvancement in the field of computer science. That being said, Checkmarx points out that DevOps are faced with security problems with the release of SaaS platforms and Cloud technology.


This is where SecDevOps comes in. This stands for security, developers, and operations. There are many other names forSecDevOps. It is also known as DevSecOps and DevOpsSec. No matter what you want to call it, it’s absolutely essential for companies and organizations.

SecDevOps provides people who would otherwise not have this knowledge to make informed decisions about the risks being posed to their companies.

Using SecDevOps, ensures protection against source code exploitation. This is because they are accustomed to automation with traditional security measures; wherein, they search for and insert weaknesses in source code. With SecDevOps, this is prevented in the Software Development LifeCycle.

SecDevOps is taking the world by storm lately. If you haven’t heard of it before, then look no further. SecDevOps are a way for the fields of development, operations, and security to be combined in order to optimize a given company or industry.

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