Tips to Increase your Instagram Followers

Unable to increase your followers on Instagram the way you want to?

We know how it feels when you open your Instagram profile and there are only one to two likes on each of your posts and barely a thousand subscribers. In fact, we know some artists and professionals who have not more than 25 to 50 followers on their profile. Thus, no matter what they do, they neither have the motivation to post more stuff on your profile nor are you interested to do something to make your profile more attractive.

However, this is where you are wrong. If you want to be famous, it takes efforts. In fact, your intention should not be to be a celebrity; your intention should be to be an artist. If you have some sort of an art to display on your Instagram profile, you should not even think about how many people are viewing it right now. Yet, you should think about how many people can view your art, only if you invest a few bucks on your Instagram profile. This is no big deal; some companies and individual freelancers let you buy Instagram followers for peanuts. If you have the right kind of approach towards such a company or freelancer, you can be helped in no time at all.

If you want tips to increase your followers on Instagram, here are a few things you can easily remember and use:

  • Make sure to post one thing a day:If you want to get more popularity on Instagram, you have got to post something or the other every single day. Without doing so, you won’t get the attention you are expecting.
  • Do not post more than two things a day: You should not flood your Instagram profile or people won’t know what you are doing at all.
  • Write down the best times to post every day: Find out when people check Instagram and post during that time.
  • Ensure to interact with people who have commented on your posts: This is the simplest way to get more comments, likes and followers.
  • Remember to use the magic of hashtags; nothing is going to work without ‘#’:Has tagging is the king of Instagram.
  • Go LIVE: At least once a month, go live on Instagram.
  • Attach your Instagram profile to all the other social networking profiles: Whether it is Facebook or your blog, ensure to link your Instagram profile to all the other profiles so that you get more followers through the latter.
  • Respond to people who approach to you to chat with you: We know it is boring to respond to each and every single chat message, but if you can stay in touch with at least a couple of people, they will always like and comment on your post.

If you don’t want to increase your followers in the natural way, the best thing to do is increase your followers by buying them. You won’t have to wait for a long period of time, then.

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