Top 5 Platforms to Find Your Content Writing Partner

People with business online find it difficult to cope with the speed of contents flowing on the internet. There is a huge tussle in maintaining the business, especially smaller level businesses and blog writers and managing custom online content writing agencies, relevant to your business. Why I am cribbing about online content is because, in today’s digital world, no one with an online footprint can succeed without having valuable and consistent content. The content is what brings customers to your doorstep. A study has revealed that more than 60% of the customers are attracted by the custom content provided by the business.

Therefore, the common question that arises is Where to find the best freelance content writer. Your freelance companion is not just a step away. Thanks to the digital era and some great minds, there are many platforms available readily where employers and freelancers can come together, connect and exchange their views. It isup to them to decide whether they want to work together or not. We have done the hard work for you and found out the best 5 such marketplaces, which will guarantee in finding the right content partner.


This is arguably the best bet in the list. Through a tough editorial scrutiny, only the best writers foray in the contender’s list. They have tailor-made content capabilities and provide the best from the rest. The mature and professional outlook of Contentmartmakes it a place where users have to pay top dollar for content writing services.


Content writing platforms, Elance and ODesk, merged to form Upwork. It is the highest subscribed marketplace with over 2 million freelancers, covering a wide array of skills. It has multiple filters covering all aspects of writing, like the experience of the writer, hourly rate, etc. that can help you drill down the relevant writers. Posting a job is free, but freelancers are charged 10% of their earnings.


An early riser in this space, it started as GetAFreelancer and turned out to be a behemoth. With over a 100 specialist niche including programming, content writing, web development etc. you are assured of finding the right person. A 24-hour support is available to solve discrepancies between the employer and freelancer if need be.


This is the first writing-only jobs websites. All the above websites are free marketplaces, but ProBlogger charges money for posting an ad. Employers have to subscribe for various plans, but the quality of content is top-notch. The ad will be circulated on Twitter posts and several websites, including RSS feeds so that many quality writers tend the same.


Another paid platform, AllIndieWriters has a suggested list of writers, whose pay vary on experience and budget. They also have job posts, which again cost 10 bucks. Whichever way you want to proceed, you are assured of interacting with the best writers around.This website is also specifically designed for writing jobs only.


There are several such platforms available and selecting them would depend wholly on the specific needs and budget. If quality is of paramount importance, then you can opt for blogging specific platforms like the ProBlogger or AllIndieWriters and if you are short on budget, looking for amateurs, then the obvious choice would be Upwork or Freelancer.

In case you want to just give a start, then tap the free ones first, and if it doesn’t work out, then move on to the next paid portal.

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