What Is Sticker Marketing and How Can You Implement It Effectively

Just like social media, sticker is also one of the good ways of marketing. Just like calendars, this marketing strategy does not require a large budget. You can get variety of stickers at an affordable price. Stickers are loved by everyone! You can place stickers on any medium. No other promotion or marketing vehicle is as flexible and effective as stickers.

When should you consider sticker marketing for your business promotion?

When you have to promote a business at a large scale, then it is wise to buy customized promotional or printed packaging products. When you only need one, fifty or a few hundred of some sort of promotional or packaging item, then it would be economical to apply labels or kleebised on the delivery vehicle.

How can you get the right sticker?


Getting the right design, layout and size of sticker is very important to make the desired impression on people. Abiprint provides a sticker design editor, that allows one to easily upload an image to create the same sticker with that image.

This editor also provides 10,000 images and editable templates that can be chosen to create a sticker. You can get these stickers in different categories like wine, food, or address labels.

A sticker can be customized by using image, and text tools, and background color. The preview displays the sticker, adjustable size and its die-cut for the user to approve before placing an order. This results in maximum performance and satisfaction.


The material with which a sticker is made is very crucial to its application. Stickers made with standard form of adhesive material is highly durable and removable in shining white vinyl finish. It is weather and waterproof for outdoor applications. They are UV coated to offer extra protection against hand abrasion.

What makes stickers a popular marketing strategy?

For more than 65 years, stickers have helped politicians in getting them elected, setting up companies, advertising, establishing brands, beginning conversations, increasing exposure etc.


Its versatile nature makes it a must to adopt marketing strategy for a business. Old boring large sized stickers are now replaced by small, interesting and fancy promotional stickers. Available in a variety of shapes, they can easily be applied to almost anywhere you want them to. This includes water bottles, windows, equipment, laptops, phones, signs, and people.

Offline promotion

Stickers are offline, physical form of promotional strategy. People begin with liking it and then talking about the company with their near and dear ones. This results in marketing of a brand.  Its proper designing and distribution yield impressions, low-cost exposure, and word of mouth marketing.

An Engaging “Gift”

Whether stickers are mailed, or handed out, quality stickers have got a high perceived value as compared to other marketing channels such as brochures, business cards, flyers, etc. They are seen as in the form of a gift than an “advertising” tool.


As customized stickers travel through daily life, it gets numerous impressions for a brand at negligible extra cost. These impressions stick in the minds of people and get them consider your products and services.

Author’s Bio:

This article has been written by Craig Crowder. Abiprint is a popular kleebised manufacturing company that provides awesome stickers to people. Our patented die-cut technology allows the image to get a unique contour shape cut. With this technology, our clients can get stickers of any size and shape that they require.

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