Why Should You Choose QuickBooks for Your Billing System

QuickBooks is revolutionary software introduced to the market by Intuit in 1998. The upgraded 2000 version has been claimed to be the best software for small business and comes with an excellent billing system that in addition to that helps to keep track of your different business statements and more. Let us know the features and benefits of QuickBooks.

Features of QuickBooks

  • QuickBooks focuses wholly on the small business accounting, finance and also billing.
  • It has four categories: New Business, Product Sellers Professional and Field Services and Independent Contractor.
  • Expense tracking feature present in the system, here you can synchronizeall your bank and credit card details and also other wallets and payment gateways and createone common platform for each and every payment and monetary transactions.
  • Customized profit and loss statements, sales statement and more available whenever required.
  • Data can be readily introduced to QuickBooks directly from spreadsheets without much difficulty.
  • Expenditure estimates can be generated whenever required.You can send invoices, record payments and receipts in respect to them.

Benefits of QuickBooks

  • With growth in your business, when you start hiring employees, QuickBooks has a technique which helps you to create an integrated payroll, and this keeps track of your employees’ payments and bills them efficiently. This will relax you as an employer as it keeps track of the local, state as well as the federal taxes if they are applicable.
  • Making and accepting payment becomes very easy with QuickBooks. Different credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, are accepted here. Online fund transfer is very easy through QuickBooks as the transfer can be made through as secured payment gateway by just clicking ‘Pay Now’ option on the bill or invoice.
  • Free trial period for QuickBooks is 30 days.
  • Independent contractor’s package cost $10.00 per month, for new businesses it is $15.00 per month.

For a whole-time business accounting and billingfor small businesses, QuickBooks is a great choice. This software has great billing schemes and ways that will definitely ease your ways. Google them!

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